Because… internet, costumes, drinks, and HODOR!

because costumesRemember last year when I went to an internet-themed party and paid tribute to my favorite expression on the interwebs “X ALL THE Y!” I use that phrasing all the time in my writing, so it made sense that I should celebrate by cosplaying as Ali Brosh’s comic of herself. Well, this past weekend was round two of the “Children of the Internet” — the birthday party for my friend Brittany. And I had to stop and think “which internet expression do I want to celebrate this year?”

Of course! My favorite thing to happen to grammar, because internet.

because internet costume

But I couldn’t chose which word I would use as the noun… because internet? Because Brittany? Because nerds? Because party? So I decided to just write “because” and bring a flipbook of options. Which came in handy when I met one huge nerd celebrity…

because Hodor

Yup, Kristian Nairn who plays Hodor on Game of Thrones was at the party. And just the sweetest, hugest, guy. He spent all night being hounded for photos and was happy to make everyone else happy. I normally wouldn’t bug a celebrity for a pic, but the outfit gave me the perfect opportunity, so I couldn’t resist.

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