Surprise homelessness and last-minute parties: The last days of the apartment reboot

Me and the Peez in our bedroom.


Whew, what a crazy couple of weeks! The apartment reboot has been both stressful and the best thing ever.

Having to take down all my shit for painting, then move all my shit for floors, then find where all my shit goes again, was not fun.

When the floor guys brutally mutilated and murdered the wall jack that supplies the internet, I thought I was going to give up, quit my job, leave town and never look back.

It wasn’t like I could get in bed, pull the covers up over my head and have a good comforting sob about it… I had no bed. I had no bed for a very long time, because what was the point of getting a new bed, and then having to move it to to get the new floors installed?

Luckily my parents keep a flat in my same building. So I packed up a lot of my stuff — clothes, shoes, toiletries, computer, dog, etc — and moved in there. That worked out really well… until I got a call from my mom late at night that my brother was going to be using the apartment for a few days. This gave me two hours to move out of my safe haven and find a new place for my dog and myself to live. Yikes!

The next few days were spent in two different houses, and one hotel in Newport Beach. As stressful as it was to find myself instantly homeless, it was actually a fun few days. I enjoyed the time I got to spend with my friends, and Peezu even got built-in dog-sitters. By the time I was back from Newport, my bed had been delivered, the internet was flowing once again, and it was time to pick up my boss and friend, Ariel, from the airport!

Yes! I was finally back to living in my very own apartment, on the same day that had my first house guest who can stay in my perfectly lovely guest room! Look:

When your guestroom also holds @meggyfin's cosplay closet. HAAAAAA what to wearrrr?? psychedelic #bohowedding dress?

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In honor of Ariel’s visit and my apartment reboot, I decided to throw a party the night Ariel arrived. I invited a few of my close friends over to drink and take in the sexy minimalist vibe of my pad, all the while getting to meet the woman they hear me talking about all the damn time, but have never met.

It was an amazing night. I almost literally had every close friend that I love most in the world (and a few people I didn’t know at all) under one roof. Someone pointed out that if a drone was to strike my apartment it’d be a devastating loss for me. Fortunately the evening was drone free and super-fun.

Here are some photos from the party…





IMG_3717 copy







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