Kick-ass yet affordable gifts, all for under $20!

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Just because you don’t have a lot of money to spend on gifts, doesn’t mean they can’t be awesome gifts! Some of my leaner holiday shopping times have resulted in some of my favorite gifts I’ve ever given.

Check out these kick-ass yet affordable gifts, all for under $20…

Ice cube molds

star wars ice cube molds
I love ice cube molds. Not only can you find molds in any kind of shape or theme, you can either gift them to someone, or use them to make affordable gifts over and over and over again.

Cat-themed accessories

cat ear headband
For all the cat or Taylor Swift-lovers in your life… how adorable is this cat ear headband? I have one, and every time I wear it out I get compliments.

cat ring holder
I love these Umbra ring holders (I have this giraffe), snag this kitty cat ring holder for your favorite fashionable cat-lover.

cat personal safety keychain
I’ve also been obsessed with the The Cat Personal Safety Keychain for years and years. They come in all different colors, so you can gift lots of people the feeling of safety and sweetness.

LEGO USB drive

I’ve had my eye on one of these Lego flash drives for forever.

Log pillow

Log Micro Bead Head Cushion
I love all the versions of this log head pillow. The prices range from $8-$20. Perfect for the tree hugger in your life.

Air plants and succulents

air plants
Amazon has fun and funky little hanging airplant terrariums for $19. But you can also pick up airplants and succulents at your grocery store or nursery and create your own cute terrariums for everyone!