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Hey! I’m Megan Finley.

I was born and raised an awkward nerd in Los Angeles, and, hey lookitthat, I’m still an awkward nerd living in Los Angeles! I currently live behind a porn shop in West Hollywood with The Woogs. I’m a writer, editor, and geek. I love Game of Thrones, Star Wars, red Sour Patch Kids, sharks, drinking, and my favorite color is orange.

I’ve been working as an internet geek for years — I’m the Associate Publisher of the Offbeat Empire, and the Managing Editors of Offbeat Bride and Offbeat Home. You should check out MeggyFin.com for more profesh-type info on your humble blogger.

Funk in Deep Freeze started as a way for me to publish and store my small writing projects, then it turned into this hectic jumble of words, photos, and feels that you see here. Feel free to follow along. I pretty much use Instagram as a daily blogging platform. But you can also follow me on Twitter to keep up with my bullshit.

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  1. Hi Megan, i saw your ad on obb and i am looking for a photographer for my wedding. Im located in nor cali and i checked out your site but the contact page was not working….so next best thing i went on your blog. i was wondering about your travelling fees and booking availabilites. thank you!

  2. Hi Megan,

    I found your blog by chance, doing researches about shark attacks.

    Cheers andi

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