The “Marilyn” of the Munsters

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Aaron recorded a particularly difficult band today. Per usual, when he comes home from a tough day he makes me laugh as he recounts all the crazy shit that he’s had to deal with, and giving it his silly Aaron spin.

When he left for work this morning he referred to the band he was off to record as, “Hippie McGee and the Patchouli Oil Hacky Sack All-Star Club.” Later on in the day, after getting a look at the actual band members, the name changed to “Homeless Fred and the Anti-Antiperspirants.” Then, after having a hell of a time working with them, he changed the name, yet again to “Bush League Bob and the Slap Happy Half-Asses.” And once he got home to me their name was officially, “Bush League Bob and the Dipshits.”

But my favorite Aaron-snark was when he was telling me about this female accordion player who was the only easy person to work with. First of all, I love me a female accordion player. I also love one who is down to earth — the mic cut out on her during the recording process. He and his boss decided to call her in and have her re-record her entire part and then splice it in. But she listened to it, said, ‘Eh, my part doesn’t sound that great anyway. Feel free to cut it.’ Which was such a relief to both them, making her the best person of the day.

Or, as Aaron described her… “She was the “Marilyn” of the Munsters.”