Official bridesmaid/unofficial groomsgirl reporting for duty

I’ve mentioned before that my two friends Erik and Kimmy are getting married… to each other! I’m a bridesmaid AND an “unofficial groomsman” in the wedding. Which means that at the moment my work life is paralleling my real life:

Dress shopping

Bridesmaid dress scouting at Unique Vintage. #StopStaring <-- that's the brand. You can stare of you want
Kimmy wants all her bridesmaid to be in non-matching dresses. Which is awesome! We decided that I should rock some Stop Staring in a dove grey. Since Kimmy is a fashion goddess, she’s getting the company to loan me this dress for her wedding! Swanky, yes?

Party planning

Since I’m an official bridesmaid/unofficial groomsgirl, I’m planning both the bachelorette AND the bachelor parties!

But… I’ve only ever been to one bachelorette party and it was just a straight-up dinner.
And it’s… interesting being a girl planning a bachelor party for dudes.

At least I’m just one of many who are planning the bachelorette party — there are other girls helping out in making the whole day a success. But the bachelor party… at one point is was looking like it would be ALL ON ME. *Gulp* I mean, I can plan a party as long as it’s “hey, here’s the date — show up, I’ll provide beer and wine.” But if we’re getting any fancier than that, I’m out of my depth.

So in a panic — after my fellow party-planner, groomsman Alan, told me that he was probably not going to be able to be at the party — I hit up my friends Laura and Megan who make up the amazing even planning team of Rebel Belle, and begged them for help. Their response:

Laura: (Reads your email out loud to my Megan, turns to her and says): I’ve never thrown a bachelor party – have you?

Megan: No, but you do know you and I are practically dudes, right?

We’re in.

And there was much celebration… but only for a second because we had to get down to business. The business of three girls planning the best bachelor party EVER! Although now it’s three girls and one guy. Good news: Alan is going to make to the wedding and is totally in on the planning. In his words:

“I told Erik this would be the third best night of his life, after his wedding and funeral.”

My response: “Well *I* told him that he might as well cancel the wedding bc THIS is gonna be the best night of his life.”

Anyway… weddings weddings weddings. Weddings all day long.

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