Icing my knee is making me want strawberries!

Thankfully I saved the ice thingy from when my mom in law sent me chocolate-covered strawberries. It's coming in handy for my knee injury. It's also making me want strawberries.

It’s funny. I can lie on my ass all day long and LOVE every minute of it… when it’s a choice, or it’s something that I shouldn’t really be doing. Now that I’m laid up in bed with a painfully injured knee, I can’t STAND not moving!

I did something today to my knee that I can’t understand. I was working out with Robin, and I lifted my knee and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain. I waited for it to subside and it never did, it just kept getting more and more painful. Robin helped me out immediately — getting me ice and stuff — and I figured it was something that would just get better in a few minutes. But it didn’t, and I had to call off the training session.

Robin’s husband John, whom I recently helped home from the hospital after his second knee surgery, grew concerned the moment he saw me walking out of their apartment. “Is that how you were walking when you came in here?” he asked. Which I had to laugh at, because I was walking like I had a peg leg. NO! I’m in pain! But I’ll be okay.

“No you’re not.” He said and sat me down to do some of the tests his doctor did for his knees. Not everything he did hurt, but some things did, and John was still concerned that it was a tear.

Right now he’s trying to convince me to get an MRI as well as making calls to his knee people to see what they can do for a no-insurance-having loser. And I’m trying to convince him that I can’t afford to get doctors involved. And I’m trying to convince my knee to get over it’s little temper tantrum so I can get back to avoiding getting off my ass instead of being forced to be here.

So if you’ve got some, send some positive energy brain waves out to my stupid knee, so this all ends up being a bad sprain. Think happy no-tear thoughts!

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  1. Call this number 0044 845 4647. Its the NHS helpline in the UK. It’s free and they should be able to diagnose it over the phone….. maybe. But if not I know it will put a smile on your face talking to some dozy Brit with a strong accent. :-)…. Oh almost forget. If they ask about your LA (proper) accent say you live in Clitheroe. Its up north in England and no one has ever been. xxx

    • “But if not I know it will put a smile on your face talking to some dozy Brit with a strong accent.”

      BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Alex, you just made my fucking day, you dozy Brit. 😉

  2. I live in Canada and I am so sad when I see things like no doctors because you don’t have insurance. That just sucks. If you lived here you go to a doctor and it would be covered. I don’t pay anything for medical because I don’t make enough money and my husband pays about $60.00 a month for his. I know Americans are freaked out about socialized medicine but seriously, you shouldn’t have to go with medical care. And I am not talking about Obama-care that is not the same as what we have at all.

      • I almost never use my medical, I don’t need it very often but I am so glad it it there. My good friend broke both of her feet in my back yard a little over a year ago. A total freak accident, she stepped off the side of a bottom step and it all went sideways from there. She did not have her medical in place. She asked me not to call an ambulance, needless to say we had to call one.
        She was picked up and treated at the hospital, no problem. When she was released, the red cross provided her with equipment for her home that she would need while recovering. She did have to take care of getting her medical paperwork sorted out while she was laid up in bed, that wasn’t fun for her but in the end she got her provincial medical in place and everything is normally covered by medical had the charges reversed and the province covered it. There were a few things she had to pay for but they were things that are not generally covered and they were not outrageous in cost anyway. I think the ambulance ride was $80.00.
        My family helped her out with some of her extra expenses, but thank goodness we live in Canada and she got the care she needed. I don’t know how the average person in the states makes it when it comes to medical needs.

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