What does your neighborhood sound like?

Look! My awesome orange car is parked in front of my building on Google Maps!

Over on Offbeat Home, Ariel asked the question: “What would YOUR neighborhood sound like?”

I took a moment to be quiet and just listen to my surroundings. Luckily the 80 degree temperatures had abated and it was back to a lovely 72 and sunny in WeHo, so all the windows were open. So I took a minute to just take in the sounds of the place that has been my ‘hood for the last almost 10 years. Here’s what I came up with…

West Hollywood: Traffic, helicopters hovering over criminals and celebrities alike, the sirens from the fire station next door, all the dogs in my building howling at said sirens, old Russian couples arguing, young gay men talking shit, homeless people fighting, and Pleasure Chest customers giggling excitedly as they walk to their cars with their sexy goods. Then, come 2am, there’s the drunken “whoo hoo-ers” drunkenly whoo hoo-ing as they stumble out from the bars. It’s NEVER a dull or quiet moment here.

It immediately got a response from another Homie, who used to live right behind a popular WeHo night club, that knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. Hilarious. SOLIDARITY!

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