Thongs, kidnapping, and cat bites: Weird ways people found my blog

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Inspired by my friend Drew’s blog, here is a roundup of the weird, and some down-right disturbing, search terms that lead people to find my blog:

  • papua new guinea tsunami receding water
  • my personal+blog+wordpress+kidnapping (wait, WHY plus kidnapping!?)
  • are you finished with those arons
  • thong shows
  • arson campaign map (I don’t think that arson needs campaigning)
  • cat bite wound gone numb (you should get that checked out)
  • photos of weird chicken eggs
  • chris o’dowd school (I want to go to there)
  • bony sandler (is that Adam’s brother?)
  • good morning sad roses photo (just added “Good Morning Sad Roses” to my list of band name ideas)
  • i wanna be the ugliest (and it brought you here!? Aw, sad roses :()
  • dogs on crack
  • man in thong with guns (what is with people and thongs? I have no thongs here people, move on)

9 Comments on “Thongs, kidnapping, and cat bites: Weird ways people found my blog

  1. Au contraire, ma petit soeur. Weho thong man on a bike… Boom… Mystery solved…. Now on to the next case. Who is this Ted guy?

  2. LOVE IT.

    I don’t get weird ones! The weirdest I have lately is ” married to the sea pediatrics” but everything else totally makes sense.

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