sharks & james brown

“I just found out that I can’t dance like James Brown due to being bitten by a shark. However, had I not been bitten by a shark, I still wouldn’t be able to dance like James brown.” -Aaron

Aaron said this as we were preparing to go to a friend’s wedding. (Congrats Robin and John!) He had just watched an old video of James Brown going over some dance moves. He could do one if he lead with his good leg, but when attempting the same move on his shark leg … it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was pretty sad to see Aaron’s face completely fall when he realized that his shark leg had destroyed all of his James Brown dancing dreams. Poor baby!

Made only worse/more awesome when the groom executed the move FLAWLESSLY on the dance floor at the reception. (Go John!)

Now here’s a pretty cute picture of us at the wedding:

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