Bloggers, don’t do this…

Today I got an email from someone trying to get Offbeat Bride interested in linking to, or featuring their post about Star Wars weddings. In the email they stated, “if you want to lift a couple of photos that’s cool… but please use with a link to us.”

My response:

I find it interesting, if not a bit hypocritical, that you feel so strongly about link-backs, when at least one of those photos came from Offbeat Bride with no link back. I should know, because I’m the one who took that photo! I also don’t appreciate that it’s been shrunken down so much that my photography logo can’t be seen, and photoshopped beside two other photos that aren’t mine, neither of which have credits or link-backs.

Also, as a photographer who works for a professional website, “lifting a couple of photos” for our own use is not something I’d be comfortable doing.

Not surprisingly, I haven’t heard back from him and my uncredited photo still remains uncredited.

5 Comments on “Bloggers, don’t do this…

  1. It is a mixture of laziness and rudeness when people do not give proper credit to an individual or a company when the information is at their finger tips.

    Even if no name is available in the image, I always give credit to the site that I found it upon, for the simple reason that someone else found it first.

  2. Seriously guys. And it’s even WORSE when they insist on credit for content that they’ve basically stolen. So LAME.

  3. So let me get this straight : he lifted content from your site … and then tried to peddle it back to you??
    Wow with balls that big how does he get through a door?

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