Bula from Fiji!

crappy cell phone pic of me in Fiji.

“Bula” (hi) from the future — It’s early Monday morning of day three of my Fiji trip. It’s overcast again and I can see storm clouds in the distance, but the rain hasn’t started yet. It has both literally and figuratively been raining on my parade in Fiji — from the wet season starting the day I arrived, to the negative comments over on OBB, to the mass confusion leading to a very stressful time. I know I should be blogging this trip more, but so far not much has happened and what has happened has been kinda’ lame.

Last night a Tourism Fiji rep came to my aid and took me out to dinner with her and her adorable fiance and we talked weddings and had drinks. And today that same woman is helping to get me a universal card reader (yes, the one I forgot to bring) and so you can be expecting a LOT more photos from me.

But now I’m off to a meeting…

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  1. Coco · November 14, 2010

    Sounds like things are looking up!?

  2. Lauren · November 14, 2010

    you just gotta kick fiji’s ass. like a wedding, only fiji.

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