So yeah… I TOTALLY have a “type” (and apparently some free time)

I don’t know what possessed me to do this. But this morning I was laughing at myself because I realized how much of a “type” I have after watching three shows back-to-back with guys that I think are cute. So, you know, I decided to indulge myself and put together a collage of some of my favorite boy crushes over the years and, yup…

Chris O’dowd, Jim Carey, Kurt Cobain, Matt Smith (as the Doctor)
Jake Weber, Aaron Finley (my husband), Alan Rickman, Beck
Thurston Moore, Stephen Malkmus, Harrison Ford (as Han Solo), John Cusack

It’s pretty obvious that I like guys with shaggy hair, squinty eyes, deep lines around their mouths and interesting noses that look really silly but extremely cute at the same time. Oh and they’re either musicians or actors that make me laugh. And of course they all look, someway or another, a lot like my husband (pictured center). (So far I think Alan Rickman looks the most like Aaron.)

This, by the way, was a HUGE waste of time, but I got a big kick out of it.

3 Comments on “So yeah… I TOTALLY have a “type” (and apparently some free time)

  1. Holy cow! You’re so right…. No wonder Aaron is so perfect for you! 😉 Loved this. Such fun to take a little time and do something just for the hell of it.

  2. Megs…I’m sitting around here bored on a Saturday in Maui, so I decided to check out some of your old blog stuff…I haven’t read a lot of them, and this one included. How funny is it that last week (and months later) I saw Chris O-dowd on Graham (for Bridesmaid) and I sent you that text that said I thought he reminded me of Aaron in both looks and personality?!
    I love you, and so very proud of your work:-)
    Love, Momita

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