The Real World and women’s body issues

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I admit it, I watch The Real World. I’ve been watching it since I was a youngster and I watch it still. This newest season, the D.C. season, is probably the LEAST interesting bunch of kids that have ever been cast. But beyond boring, the girls got downright PATHETIC in the last episode.

I can’t STAND women and their body issues. I feel like body issues should be like your genitals: keep them to yourself unless invited to share. I have body issues, other women have body issues, boys have body issues, EVERYONE does. I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with friends (boys and girls) who don’t harp on and on about theirs, at least in public. The few times when I’ve actually been on the receiving end of someone saying something negative about their body it’s kind of shocking to me and I don’t know how to act. I don’t want to encourage them by giving them a compliment back, but I don’t want to be a jerk and ignore them. So… I don’t know. I’ve been blessed with really secure friends and those awkward situations have been few and far between.

So it was angering to me to see these “women” on freaking TELEVISION having a pity party about their looks and just being so pathetic! If that damn show had been scripted a more stereotypical scene of women sitting around bitching about “the things that women bitch about” could not have been more perfect. It made me embarrassed to be a woman.

One of the girls spoke up, as I reached my saturation point of disgust, and even noted how pathetic their conversation was becoming. She started to communicate with the others that they, and all women, should really love their bodies. And here I’m thinking, yes! Thank you! Redeem yourself! And in the very next sentence she said, “I’d trade my body for any one of yours in a heartbeat.” NO!!!!! That is the fucking opposite of what you had just said! That one totally sane thing that you have probably EVER said. And you went and canceled that out.

And do you know what started the whole pathetic, whiny-woman body issue conversation? Well, apparently one of the girls made a comment about how she wanted to model for Playboy and one of the boys in the house said, “you’re not skinny enough.” To which, later, she admitted that he was right, but that even though he was right, he just shouldn’t have said that. That statement that was, admittedly, right.

My brain twisted into a pretzel of confusion and outrage and I thought my head was going to explode. My reaction, of course, was to Twitter my total disgust, but what I felt while watching it couldn’t be contained within 140 characters so here I blog.

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  1. “you’re not skinny enough”
    I don’t know the guy or their level of intimacy but there sure are a lot of other sentences he could had come up to persuade the girl or to make a joke.

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