The playlist to my 2010

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I was just talking last night about cleaning out my iTunes, and discovering awesome old music. So I thought I’d share. It’s a lot of old tunes, and a couple new ones, and there are links to where you can purchase most of them if you like what you hear.

Here are some tunes that kept me company as I drove all over California to shoot weddings this year…

Lady Gaga — TELEPHONE: I could NOT take on a wedding without listening to this song and rocking out in the car beforehand.

Cake — SHORT SKIRT/LONG JACKET: I know this song is everywhere right now, but I have a very happy memory from this year of driving through Sonoma county with the top down on my Mini Cooper, and singing along.

Pavement — FRONTWARDS and GOLDSOUNDS: Pavement is my favorite band of all favorite bands. And this year I got to actually see them in concert, which is something I thought I’d NEVER get to do, and this is one of the first songs I heard them play live. In fact, the video is actually from said concert!

Sonic Youth — THE DESTROYED ROOM: I got to see Sonic Youth TWICE this year! I remember this song coming on in a dressing room while I was going on one of my rare shopping excursions, and it was one of those “perfect song to play at the perfect moment” times.

Sonu Nigam — AAJA SONIYE: Nothing made me happier than when this song would come on on our long road trips!

Smog — COLD BLOODED OLD TIMES: Every year Aaron and I find ourselves slow dancing in our living room to one particular song, the first year we moved into this apartment together it was “We Dance” by Pavement, then it was “Waterloo Sunset” and this year it was a “Cold Blooded Old Times,” played on a record.

The Temper Trap – SWEET DISPOSITION: This also was made me happy on road trips.

Benji Hughes — THE MUMMY: Because this song NEVER failed to make me smile this year. (Listen to the lyrics. Seriously.)

2 thoughts on “The playlist to my 2010

  1. Coco

    I FUCKING love this list. Partially because almost every song has an amazing Megan/Coco moment attached to it.

    When we were driving through Sonoma listening to SHORT SKIRT/LONG JACKET, I had one of those overwhelming feelings of happiness. Despite the hotel from hell the only thing I could think was damn life is too good.

    My only addition to this would be Spice Up Your Life by the Spice Girls. I’ll never forget ROCKING OUT to that song as we drove home from our first wedding gig EVAR! So exhausted/exhilarated by what had just happened.

    1. meganfinley

      Oh yeah!!!!! OMG! That was an amazing song moment.

      I wished that you were online all day today bc there were soooooo many times I wanted to ask you which songs to use, but then I thought that this might be a nice surprise to come home to instead. 😉

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