Aaron’s shark attack NEWS CLIPS

Here are some of the news clips from Aaron’s shark attack.
I wanted a place to store all of them, and also make it easier for people to find the news stories.

A month after the shark attack the Maui news did a special report on Aaron’s doctor- Dr Peter Galpin. (Aaron was his 9th shark attack victim.) This video is cool because it has some pictures of Aaron’s wound that we hadn’t seen before.

I’ll add more videos to this as I find them, and if you out there in blogland see clips that I haven’t please do me a favor and send them to me!

muchos gracias amigos.

3 Comments on “Aaron’s shark attack NEWS CLIPS

  1. THAT is fucking crazy… The 2 times I've been to Maui we stayed near there and swam at that beach. I've snorkled there like 10 times!! Yikes!!! I hadn't realized it until I saw the third video… OOOOOOweeeeeeeoooo!

  2. Wow. My parents have been there twice since the attack and I told them about it. They don't in the water there anymore! I think my mom used to work with Dr. Galpin.

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