The Girl Who Loved Free Range Fish Farming

Amy, Aaron and I held a late night meeting to compile a list of “hobbies” to give a wedding dj for Amy’s “bridal party announcement.”

Here, for your enjoyment is the list of “hobbies” that we came up with.


-bicentennial quilting
-potato sack racing
-ice sitting
-limbo competitions
-playing the castanets in the Tonight Show band
-mushroom hunting
-making shadow puppets
-hang gliding
-candle stick making
-guessing people weight
-cutting things on the bias
-writing poems about children’s toys
-Elvis impersonating
-making business cards
-storm chasing
-driftwood collecting
-top score for Gyromite
-free range fish farming
-tie dying
-cheese tasting
-runner up in the national lanyard making championship
-guinea pig racing
-pressing flowers
-under water basket weaving
-Indian giving
-distilling vodka
-hair braiding
-mastering the pancake flip
-spelling bees
-compiling lists of palindromes
-bird enthusiast
-insect taxidermy

if you’re wondering which ones were read out loud by the dj- none. The bride made up a different announcement for this particular bridesmaid.

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One Comment on “The Girl Who Loved Free Range Fish Farming

  1. Hey Megan,It was great to hear from you. We had a great time on Friday, and of course it feels great to know that the money was going to a good cause. My wife (look it up, it’s, uh I dunno…) and I both agreed that it was really great of the Largo to all team up and raise some money for your beau. It seems like a tight-knit family, and that’s great. It was truly a great night!

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