2007 L.A. Roadster Show pictures

This Father’s Day I went to the L.A. Roadster Show in Pomona.
I took some pictures of the cars.
please to enjoy…

ghost flames, me & my family

me, my “crew” behind me (mom, aaron, grandpa & dad) and ghost flames infront of us.

grandpa & a roadster
my grandpa checking out a Ford roadster.
Ford grill & headlight
headlight and grill from a Ford roadster.
i don’t know what this is, but it was completely stripped down inside and out.
check out the awesome hemi on this 32 Ford. 
Not only is it my favorite car but it’s my favorite engine in my favorite car. awesome.

32 Ford 3-Window Coupe

speaking of favorite car… this was my favorite at the car show. It has a sparkly gun metal paint job.

silver paint job

bright green T-bucket
bright green T-bucket

colorful roadsters
this is my happy place.
32 Ford with ghost flames
there is NOTHING that makes me happier than ghost flames on a 32 coupe. 
Burritos come close, but I can’t drive a burrito.

funky car lamps
ridiculous lamps.
rusty rat rod
i also love rusty cars.

there ya go. It was awesome. If you don’t know what to do next year for Father’s Day I suggest you go to the LA Roadster Show in Pomona. I’ll be there.

3 Comments on “2007 L.A. Roadster Show pictures

  1. that's funny, i saw all those cars too, and cmon what kind of photographer takes a picture of themselves in the reflection??? geeez do i need to teach you how to do it? afterall i only have like 9000 pictures in my computer from shows…. 😉

    oh yeah and that roadster with the hemi was the coolest car at the show, so much work done that you can't even tell

  2. dumbass… I meant to take the picture of my reflection in the car. did u see it in any other pictures? nope. 😉
    And i should have known you would have gone to that!

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