oh my god, photoshoot.

So I did a photo shoot for Liam Sullivan (aka. Kelly). He started selling “Kelly” merch — tshirts and undies, etc. So we rounded up a bunch of our friends and took pics all over LA!

Liam Sullivan

Liam in a pink men's "Betch" shirt

Raina 1

My darling Raina in a black women's "Betch" shirt.

stupid boy


Gawd I love this license plate!

Liam Sullivan

Liam modeling boy's "betch" undies.

girls "lets party" t-shirt

Ilana (she's now Liam's wife) in the women's "Let's Party" shirt.

girls "deck" t-shirt

Women's "deck" shirt in black.

girls "betch" undies

Ilana modeling the women's "betch" undies.

boys "deck" t-shirt

boys and girls "deck" & "betch" t-shirts.

4 Comments on “oh my god, photoshoot.

  1. None of this involved Fantasy Football… I'm leaving the party. Good day to you, sir.

  2. OK, Curtis showed this to me, and now I am completely obsessed. It's pretty fucking funny. I sent it to my sister, and some of my girlfriends here in Ithaca.

  3. niiiice. i especially love the angle of the one where the girl looks like she's going to step on you entitled "stupid boy." you have a great eye!

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