oh my god, photoshoot.

So I did a photo shoot for Liam Sullivan (aka. Kelly). He started selling “Kelly” merch — tshirts and undies, etc. So we rounded up a bunch of our friends and took pics all over LA!

Liam Sullivan

Liam in a pink men's "Betch" shirt

Raina 1

My darling Raina in a black women's "Betch" shirt.

stupid boy


Gawd I love this license plate!

Liam Sullivan

Liam modeling boy's "betch" undies.

girls "lets party" t-shirt

Ilana (she's now Liam's wife) in the women's "Let's Party" shirt.

girls "deck" t-shirt

Women's "deck" shirt in black.

girls "betch" undies

Ilana modeling the women's "betch" undies.

boys "deck" t-shirt

boys and girls "deck" & "betch" t-shirts.

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  1. Raina · November 20, 2006

    oh my god, dadddy. that was a fun day!

  2. Ken · November 20, 2006

    None of this involved Fantasy Football… I'm leaving the party. Good day to you, sir.

  3. Marisol · November 20, 2006

    OK, Curtis showed this to me, and now I am completely obsessed. It's pretty fucking funny. I sent it to my sister, and some of my girlfriends here in Ithaca.

  4. Andree · November 20, 2006

    niiiice. i especially love the angle of the one where the girl looks like she's going to step on you entitled "stupid boy." you have a great eye!

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