24th bday pictures!

pictures from my 24th bday… by far the BEST bday EVER!!!! 

Erik made my fucking day when he took me to Descanso Gardens and we ran around like crazy people…


then we found this waterfall…. 

and it just begged us to have a photo shoot! ha…  

then we rode a train… 


then I made a bday wish…


It was for Erik to buy me ice cream at McDonalds!!!!  


then I went to the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibit at MOCA. Basquiat is my most favorite artist ever.  And i was really really touched to have some of my closest friends (Amy, Andree, Justin and Jordan, LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!) meet me there to share in that increadible experience of seeing my favorite artist’s works for the first time, in person. I was shaking from excitement the entire time and my heart wouldn’t stop beating insanely fast.

the only picture I got to take in the museum and I got in BIG trouble for this…  
this is my favorite piece of graffiti art that he did. I love this statement. This was one of the thrills of my life to be standing in front of this. 

then it was off to dinner at EL CHOLO’S!!!!

Me and my couisn Nathan!!!  
me trying to kill Nate!  
a blurry me with Joe and Josh.  
John and Jessica.  
Zach, me and Amy. We aren’t this blurry in person.  
Me and JD!!!!
Andree and Erik 
they like to drink.  
but we like to drink more!  
Me and my “big brother” Joe!!  
My cousin Katie and my friend Josh.  
me and Josh. (thank you for coming joshy!!!)
my two bestest boys!! 
joe being a brat and josh saying hi  
birthday kiss from Andree! she made the day extra special too. I love you girl!!!  
I didn’t want the day to end so Erik, Andree, JD and I drove to the Vic to see some friends that came in from New York to play jazz! 
I could get JD in the picture but he’s there too! ; ) 

Anyway, my 24th bday was the best one I can remember having and it was all thanks to my amazing friends! Erik- you are the best friend I’ve ever had and I love you with all of my heart. Andree- the most thoughtful person I know. thank you for my gifts they were awesome!!! I love you so much girl. JD- dude, you are rapidly becoming one of my closest friends. thank you for coming too so many of my important events and supporting me. you are awesome as fuck! joe- you are the bestest big bro ever and i love you. now where the FUCK are my presents?? you owe me for 2 bdays now. did ya think I’d forget? ha. Josh- dude, ya showed up and I love you for it! Nathan and Katie- my only family at my birthday, you’re presence was very special and very appreciated. I love you both. And Happy Birthday Nathan!!!
thanks everyone for the best birthday ever! And go see Basquiat.

8 Comments on “24th bday pictures!

  1. It's a shame I look like a complete douche in all those pictures. But hey, that's what I do best, evidently.

    As for your presents…um…don't you owe me a few as well? I think I only buy you one when you buy me one first. And I think you missed it this year. Either that, or I just got myself in a shitload of trouble. One of the two.

    Oh, and by the way, you are my absolute favorite person ever. I love you mucho!

  2. you are fucking dope. these pictures rock! oh and thanks for getting milk shakes with me.. choco banana shake… BOO YA!!!!

  3. Dude, I showed up! I'm awesome…but seriously, how could I pass up El Cholo's….er…I mean your birthday! luv ya baby m!

  4. I'm so emo that I had to be in stupid Idaho when you guys had sucha rockin time. *tears of heaven*

  5. Damn! Missed it! :( El Cholo has some DAMN good magaritas. It looks like you had fun! Love the drinking comparison pics. ;D

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